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About Management Resource Systems

Management Resource Systems has been in Business for over 47 years providing exceptional General Contracting services for a wide variety of markets. The company was founded in 1977 by Mike Swaim Sr. and Gene Armstrong with a focus on designing and building retail stores. Today Management Resource Systems (MRS) works in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico employing nearly 100 people. The typical project has changed over the years, MRS has grown and adapted to meet the needs of our clients. Our focus on delivering a quality project on time and in budget for each client has helped us form lasting relationships, some in excess of two decades.

What Sets MRS Apart From The Competition


  • Our superintendents combine for over six hundred years retail construction experience.
  • We work with a pool of seasoned subcontractors who understand our expectations and try to exceed them..
  • Our Project Managers perform regular site visits to ensure that we are on schedule and pre-punch stores to assure a quality project turnover.


  • Superintendent have access to a laptop with wireless high-speed connection and cell phone with email capability.
  • Each project manager is reachable 24/7 through their PDA’s and laptop computers.
  • All plans are electronically managed and we have in-house plan reproduction services.
  • We manage critical path construction schedules through MS Project and Excel.
  • We adopt new technology as available to improve quality and increase production.

Value Engineering:

  • Our staff is made up of professionals who worked directly in the field and have been promoted from within.
  • Building projects for a variety of clients over the retail spectrum for 30 years allows us to pass on this hard-earned experience to our clients.
  • By taking part in preliminary design, we are able to offer different methods of construction and alternative materials that yield the same quality results at reduced cost.
  • In our preliminary budget estimates, we can target areas of concern and make changes earlier at costs savings to our clients.

Licensed in 50 States, Puerto Rico, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Ontario, Canada

  • Alabama 19979
  • Alaska 38615
  • Arizona 254841
  • Arkansas 0036010423
  • California 873685
  • Delaware 1990038560
  • Florida CBC037988
  • Georgia GCQA001717
  • Hawaii BC 32562
  • Idaho RCE-21690
  • Iowa C098536
  • Louisiana 27120
  • Maryland 02111608
  • Massachusetts csfa-106074
  • Mississippi 09119-MC
  • Montana 203301
  • Nebraska 27923
  • Nevada 0072682
  • New Jersey 1518835
  • New Mexico 377417
  • North Carolina 10979
  • North Dakota 38015
  • Oregon 196736
  • Rhode Island 32740
  • SC Mechanical M2279
  • South Carolina G12870
  • Tennessee 22655
  • Utah 7378194-5501
  • Virginia 2701 025214
  • West Virginia WV013308